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Lincoln County Officials

Peggy G. Bevels
County Mayor, Lincoln County

112 Main Avenue South, Room 101
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 433-3045 / FAX (931) 433-9979
The County Mayor serves as:

1. The chief executive officer of Lincoln County,
2. A non-voting, ex-officio member of the Legislative Body, and
3. A non-voting, ex-officio member of each committee of the Legislative Body, except as provided by law or by the Legislative Body.

The County Mayor may be elected chairperson of the Legislative Body, casting a vote in the event of a tie. Otherwise, the County Executive, if not the chairperson, has veto power over legislative resolutions adopted by the Legislative Body. He/She serves as the chief financial officer and has the care and custody of all County property, unless placed with another officer. The Mayor has other duties and interacts with other County officials in almost every area of local administration.

The County Mayor's office is located in Room 101 of the Courthouse. Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. (Back to Top)

Phyllis F. Counts
Lincoln County Clerk

112 Main Avenue South, Room 102
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 433-2454 / FAX (931) 433-9304
Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and the last Saturday of each month from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., excluding November, December, and holiday weekends.

1. Registering all motorized vehicles for use on public roads and highways account for the largest portion of business in the office. Registration prices range from $12.25 for small trailer tags to $1,300 for semi-truck tags. In addition to the state fee, the county has a Wheel Tax of $75.00 added to all registrations of motor vehicles.
2. Persons operating a business in Lincoln County must purchase a County business license. The initial license is $15.00. The license is renewed through the Department of Revenue each year. The renewal amount is based on gross receipts.
3. Marriage licenses are issued by this office. Picture identification, and proof of Social Security number are required. The license fee is $35.00 with counseling and $95.00 without counseling. Forms are available for counseling verificaiton prior to issuance of license. Marriages may be performed by the County Clerk or deputy clerks.
4. The County Clerk is responsible for taking minutes of the County Legislative Body and recording actions taken by the Body. These are public records kept in the Clerk's office.
5. The County Clerk is an agent for TWRA. Hunting and fishing licenses for resident and non-residents may be purchased here.
6. Nominations from the County Legislative Body are required to become a Notary Public. This is handled through the County Clerk's office.
7. Applications are taken and beer permits are issued by the County Clerk after review and passage by the County Beer Board.
8. Retail beer tax is collected by the County Clerk from distributing companies. These funds are remitted to the County General Fund.
9. Hotels and motels are required to file a monthly report with the County Clerk. A percentage of their gross sales is submitted and remitted to the County General Fund
10. Building Permits may be purchased in the County Clerk's office. Fees are collected and submitted to the Department of Commerce and Insurance.

The County Clerk is assisted by Cheif Deputy Anna Casey, Kim Sink, Jo Lynn Lewter, and Keri Brown.

(Back to Top)

Rebecca N. Bartlett
Clerk and Master

112 Main Avenue South, Room B-109
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 433-1482 / FAX (931) 433-9313

The Clerk and Master serves as Chancery Court Clerk and Probate Clerk performing all clerical duties associated with each court. This office maintains the court records for each court with Chancery Court having jurisdiction over civil cases such as divorces, orders of protection, child support enforcement, name changes, real estate matters, adoptions and worker's compensation, etc. The Probate Court has jurisdiction over estates, conservatorships, guardianships and small estate affidavits with the Clerk possessing quasi-judicial responsibilities on the initiation of estates. Most of the records in this office are open to the public with the exception of adoption records and some confidential information. All the will books (1811-present) are kept in this office and are open to the public. Lincoln County and the City of Fayetteville also turn the delinquent property taxes over to Chancery Court for collection.

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday
Closing most days at noon for a 30 minute lunch break (Back to Top)

Tim Gill
Superintendent Lincoln County Highway Department

161 Molino Road
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 433-2585 / FAX (931) 438-1557
The County Highway Superintendent is the head of the Highway Department and has general control over the location, relocation, construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of the County road system.

The Superintendent determines the total number of employees, personnel policy and work hours.

The Superintendent also supervises, controls, and is responsible for all the machinery, equipment, tools, supplies, and materials owned or used by the County in the construction, repair and maintenance of County roads and bridges.

A Road Committee composed of five Commissioners is elected by the County Legislative Body. This Committee works with the Highway Superintendent in developing priorities and makes recommendations on the Highway Department budget, County road list, and other matters which require approval of the County Legislative Body. (Back to Top)

Jeremy Ezell
Lincoln County Juvenile Services

112 Main Avenue South
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 433-9989
Gail Corder
Circuit Court Clerk

112 Main Avenue South, Room 203
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 433-2334 / FAX (931) 438-1577
The Circuit Court Clerk also serves as General Sessions and Juvenile Court Clerk and performs all clerical functions of these Courts. The Office maintains all files and preserves the minutes of Circuit and Juvenile Court. Records all court judgments or decrees and receipts and disbursements in all cases. Criminal and Civil General Sessions Clerks have similar duties:

1. Retaining, preserving, and filing all papers for criminal and civil cases,
2. Maintains indexes for all cases filed in Circuit/General Sessions Courts.

Juvenile cases are confidential, but the Clerk performs the same duties as for the Circuit and General Sessions Court.

Office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. (Back to Top)

  Paul Braden
Assessor of Property

112 Main Avenue South, Room 105
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 433-5409 / FAX (931) 433-9979
The Assessor of Property is elected by qualified voters during the General Election held in August to serve a four year term, except when the office is left vacant for some reason. If a vacancy occurs, the County Court appoints an Assessor for the remainder of the unexpired term. The Assessor is authorized to appoint a Deputy Assessor and is liable for any wrongful acts of his deputy.

The Assessor of Property serves two basic functions: Appraisal and assessment of the value of property. The assessed amount is taxed according to the rate established by the County Legislative Body. Lincoln County now has 16,000 plus parcels of real property and 1,300 plus parcels of tangible personal property.

Assessors are also required to maintain property maps of the County. The State Division of Property Assessments supervises the preparation, maintenance, revision, and recording of all maps. It is the duty of the Assessor to map each sale of property when the deed is recorded and to keep the maps updated with the new property owner's name.

The records in the Assessor of Property Office are open to the public.

Office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. (Back to Top)

Mary Jane Porter
Lincoln County Trustee

112 Main Avenue South, Room 103
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 433-1371 / FAX (931) 433-9306
The County Trustee has three major functions, being (1) collection of the County's property taxes; (2) accounting for and disbursing County funds; and (3) investing idle funds. In addition to these duties, the Trustee disburses sales tax revenues and may collect municipal property taxes and other state and local taxes, such as local hotel/motel tax. The Trustee must keep detailed records of the accounts of the office.

The Office of Trustee is a constitutional office. The Trustee is elected by the County's qualified voters for a four (4) year term beginning on September 1st of each year of election and continuing until a vacancy occurs or a successor is qualified and elected. There is no limitation on the number of years a Trustee may serve.

The Trustee must take oaths to support the Constitution of Tennessee and the United States and for the faithful performance of the duties of the Office.

The Trustee must be bonded. The minimum amount of the official bond is determined by the amount of revenues handled during the last fiscal year audited by the Comptroller.

The Lincoln County Trustee's Office is located on the first floor of the Courthouse. The office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Back to Top)

Murray Blackwelder, Sheriff
Lincoln County Sheriff's Department

4151 Thornton Taylor Parkway
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 433-9821 / FAX (931) 433-9558
JAIL: (931) 433-3111
The present Sheriff's Department and Jail was built in 1990. There are currently 12 Deputies, 3 Investigators, and 1 Drug Investigator, as well as the Sheriff and Chief Deputy.

The Jail can house 118 inmates. This area is staffed by a Jail Administrator, Assistant Administrator, and 27 Correction Officers (including two Transport Officers, three Cooks, one Litter Officer, and one Medical Officer).

To meet the needs of the County, the Sheriff's Department is staffed 24 hours a day. (Back to Top)

Cole Bradford
Lincoln County Finance Department

112 Main Avenue South, Room B-104
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 438-1565 / FAX (931) 438-1570
The Finance Department administers the finances of Lincoln County for all funds of the departments, agencies, and boards which are handled by the County Trustee. The Finance Department is responsible for purchasing, accounting, budgeting, payroll, and cash management for all County departments, including specifically the County schools and highways.

The Department operates under the policies and procedures established by a Financial Management Committee consisting of the County Mayor, Highway Superintendent, Director of Schools, and four members of the County Legislative Body.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Back to Top)

Randy Delap
Lincoln County Register of Deeds

112 Main Avenue South, Room 104
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 433-5366 / FAX (931) 433-9312
The Register of Deeds is responsible for recording deeds, trust deeds, and Uniform Commercial Codes, in addition to several different types of miscellaneous documents. He is also responsible for collecting transfer and mortgage tax on the appropriate documents. All fees collected by this Office are transferred to the County and State at the end of each month.

Our records date back to 1810 when Lincoln County was formed. All records in the Office are public record and may be viewed at anytime during regular business hours. Copies are available for a small fee.

The objective of the Register's Office is to keep accurate records and record them as quickly as possible.

The Register is assisted by Vanetta Gentry, Chief Deputy, Felica Spray, Deputy, and Suzi Stovall, Deputy.

Office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. (Back to Top)

Mike Hall
Lincoln County Emergency Management Office

312 West Market Street
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 438-1575 / FAX (931) 433-1112

Bill Harp
Lincoln County Veteran's Office

208 East Davidson
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 433-1897 / FAX (931) 433-1897
The Veteran's Service Office provides assistance to veterans on military issues and arranges medical assistance and funerals for veterans. The Office serves approximately 3,000 veterans and dependents. A van has been provided by Lincoln County to transport veterans to hospitals in Murfreesboro and Nashville.

This Office promotes close relationships with the local veteran organizations, including the United Veterans of Lincoln County. It is estimated that veterans input $3.5 million dollars per year to the local economy. (Back to Top)

Sheila Allen, Registrar
Lincoln County Election Commission

208 Davidson Street, East, Room 106
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 433-6220 / FAX (931) 433-9308

The Lincoln County Election Commission is governed by five commissioners appointed by the State Election Commission for two-year terms. The commissioners are charged with ensuring compliance with state election laws and approving election plans and certifying election results. The election commission appoints the Administrator of Elections, who keeps voter registration records, maintains voting history for each voter, and provides information concerning voter registration, absentee voting, elections, campaigns, and campaign financial disclosures. The Administrator of Elections also qualified prospective candidates for ballots and trains poll officials.

The Lincoln County Election Commission meets on the call of the chairman of the election commission. We are located at 208 East Davidson Street in the Lincoln County Office Building. Hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. (Back to Top)

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