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Lincoln County Convenience Centers

Fayetteville - (931) 433-2724
Open Monday 6 am - 6 pm, Tuesday - Saturday 7 am - 5 pm

Taft - (931) 425-0038
Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 6 am - 6 pm, Closed Wednesday

Flintville - (931) 937-7500
Open Monday - Saturday 7 am - 5 pm

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Lincoln County Roads


Large Animal Abuse Duties

As of July 1st 2016. Tennessee Dept of Agriculture has taken over determining probable cause for law enforcement in large animal abuse cases.  UT Extension Agents have made these determinations since the late 1990's but Extension office does not have the resources to handle this responsibility and TDA is the regulatory agency for agriculture in Tennessee.  Individuals who wish to report possible livestock abuse may do so via a Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) website Tennessee Dept of Agriculture or by contacting their local law enforcement agency.  TDA will not accept anonymous complaints.